Aeger Security Operations Center (ASOC)

The service

The ASOC is a newly established 24/7 operations centre that provides you with the necessary safety and security arrangements before, during and after any travel or work abroad.

We provide 24/7 guidance and assistance to users through up-to-date information, incident management, and follow-up.

- Informing staff and management
- Track & trace staff
- Management dashboard
- Alert response and support to travellers
- Multichannel two-way communication
- Mass notification – I'm "OK" button
- Automated check-ins
- Completely adaptable around your organization and security policy

We provide relevant information, risk intelligence, itinerary updates, safety, security, and medical content for over 230 countries and regions worldwide directly on a user's phone.

Medical Assistance

  • Innovative digital medical consultancy
  • Tailored medical assistance and evacuation services
  • Direct billing set up with insurance companies
  • Offices in 9 countries
  • 125.000 international assistance files
  • More than 2.000 medical transportations
  • More than 60.000 providers globally

Security Advisory

  • Pre-travel support
  • Meet and greet services
  • Pro-active emergency outreach
  • Travel policy & protocols development
  • Country security risk assessment
  • Incident and crisis management support
  • Security guidance and plans
  • Journey management plans
  • Security evulations

Travel Risk Management

  • Proactive & reactive travel monitoring
  • Inform staff & management
  • Management dashboard
  • Emergency call setup
  • Mass notification
  • E-learning
  • Agile software solution adaptable around your organization and your security policy


  • Combined e-learning, instructor based training and tailored webinars
  • HEAT courses
  • Business safety & security courses
  • NGO safety & security courses
  • Tailormade courses worldwide