About us

Who we are

As a specialist threat consultancy, Aeger Group is committed to helping our clients build resilient, secure and compliant organisations that respond robustly to their shifting environments.

We specialise in helping our customers solve complex challenges, convert risks into opportunities, and cultivate responsible risk-taking by establishing contingency systems that provide greater certainty.

Discretion is essential to many of the organisations we work with, and, as such, we pride ourselves on demonstrating our values, integrity, reliability and innovation in our daily activities.

Our ambitions

We want to be the leading security service provider within the security and risk management, emergency preparedness and security training solutions industry in Northern Europe and assertively establish ourselves globally.
Deliver superior products, high standards of competence and service quality and build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our relationship with risk

At Aeger Group, we believe that risk management identifies an opportunity for our clients and functions as an essential catalyst for competitiveness. Risk and the efficient management of risks remain at the core of continuous improvement. We actively utilize the risk opportunity relationship to decrease risks and maximize opportunity.


Doing the right thing consistently, in an honest, fair and responsible way forms the foundation for building solid and trusting relationships with our customers and stakeholders. We pride ourselves on our credible reputation within the security industry and, we work hard every day to maintain our reputation.


We want to be a reliable, consistent partner for our clients and build long-lasting relationships that are collaborative and transparent. We might be old-fashioned, but we believe that accountability for our actions must be the norm when conducting our business.


We are curious and continuously looking for new and efficient ways to enrich the security and crisis management environment. We provide bespoke and innovative solutions to our clients that respond to their needs.

Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset and the sum of diverse expertise, multiple perspectives and experiences. We are a multinational organization and sees our strength in diversity. Our people have varied backgrounds with a strong focus on operational competencies and academic performance.

Read more about our staff here

Our clients

We service clients from diverse industrial, business and non-profit sectors with operations within Norway and globally. Our client’s function on all continents, representing low, medium and high-risk bearing environments.

Aeger Group and human rights

Aeger’s respect for the protection and preservation of human rights is guided by the principles outlined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We acknowledge the dignity, freedom and equality of human beings and adhere to human rights legislation and related UN conventions and comply with relevant national and international legislation in our day to day business.

Health, Safety, Environment and quality

Our business success is intimately connected with our health, safety, security, environment, and quality performance. As such, we conduct our activities in compliance with applicable legislation that promotes health and safety.

Aeger is committed to safeguarding its employees, stakeholders, business and assets against harm from deliberate actions. Understanding the broader perspective allows us to improve the way we work continually.

We are dedicated to conduct all our activities, including those performed by our contractors and suppliers, in a manner that protect the natural environment and prevent pollution.

Our approach to corruption

Aeger complies with all relevant laws that prohibit bribery and corruption. We expect our people, partners, and those with whom we do business will act reasonably, honestly, and with integrity. Employees or other Aeger representatives shall never offer or receive bribes, inducements, facilitation payments or in-kind contributions for any reason.

We have zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and take pride in displaying this during every interaction with external stakeholders, business partners, customers and our business dealings.

Our management and quality processes

At Aeger Group, we believe in continuous improvement at an organizational level and to transfer this philosophy to our clients, thus adding value to their organizations in turn. Our approach is based on the management principles set out in ISO 9001. Plan, do, check and act.

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