Aeger Security Operations Center

The ASOC service model

We provide 24/7 guidance and assistance to users through up-to-date information, incident management, and follow-up.

- The ASOC will monitor the globe for any risk-related situations and assist and guide any travellers before the actual trip to provide you with essential information beforehand.

- The ASOC will communicate with your travellers to inform them and advise them on any risk-affiliated situations that are occurring in their area of operations.

- The ASOC will monitor any movement (at the disclosure of the customer) of your travelling staff, and if an incident occurs, provide them with notifications and assistance.

- The ASOC will provide initial and prolonged crisis management if your traveller is alerting and requests assistance.

- The ASOC will alert and inform customers CMT with updated information and notification on an emerging situation to be able t provide situational awareness for future crisis management.

Completely adaptable to your organisation and security policy

We provide relevant information, risk intelligence, itinerary updates, safety, security, and medical content for over 230 countries and regions worldwide directly on a user's phone.

Medical Assistance

  • Innovative digital medical consultancy
  • Tailored medical assistance and evacuation services
  • Direct billing set up with insurance companies
  • Offices in 9 countries
  • 125.000 international assistance files
  • More than 2.000 medical transportations
  • More than 60.000 providers globally

Security Advisory

  • Pre-travel support
  • Meet and greet services
  • Pro-active emergency outreach
  • Travel policy & protocols development
  • Country security risk assessment
  • Incident and crisis management support
  • Security guidance and plans
  • Journey management plans
  • Security evulations

Travel Risk Management

  • Proactive & reactive travel monitoring
  • Inform staff & management
  • Management dashboard
  • Emergency call setup
  • Mass notification
  • E-learning
  • Agile software solution adaptable around your organization and your security policy


  • Combined e-learning, instructor based training and tailored webinars
  • HEAT courses
  • Business safety & security courses
  • NGO safety & security courses
  • Tailormade courses worldwide

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