Understanding the clients need

Our client is operating in a very risk exposed environment, and needed a Global Security Coordinator to provide continuous support to their partner-based operations throughout the world - Fredrik Rye-Ramberg, Senior Advisor Aeger Group AS

Our international client reached out to Aeger Group due to an extensive survey amongst their employees, stating that security for the employees, risk mitigation, and crisis management were some of their biggest concerns, operating in some of the most risk-exposed areas in the world. In conjunction with this survey, the organisation and Aeger Group defined a specific need for a global approach to all of the stated challenges and a need for extended operational support.

Providing operational and strategic support

Due to the challenging operational contexts for the client, with military coups, ongoing military conflicts, significant pressure from existing governments, and an increasing threat from terrorists. The assignment for the Global Security Coordinator, provided by Aeger Group, has shown to be more than valuable for the client, providing operational and strategic support to mitigate any upcoming and ongoing crisis.

Through a proactive and holistic approach, Aeger Group has provided prolonged support for the client, helping them with a global strategy, meeting their specific needs, and supporting them in their problem solving, enabling them to navigate and mitigate in a very risk-exposed environment without losing operational focus.

Establishing the context

Aeger dedicated two of its senior advisors to the assignment to determine what changes would enable the client to mitigate all the challenges, without losing operational effect and strengthening their duty of care and providing prolonged operational support.

Due to the complexity of the context, with a large variety of aspects that needed to be considered, Aeger Group established the context of the assignment through an extensive process.

- Establishing a situational awareness of the existing structure and existing challenges by assessing current plans, and a large number of in-depth interviews with staff at all levels.

- Establishing an updated understanding of the overall strategic risks for the client on a global level.

- Establishing a detailed and updated understanding of their operational risks in all areas of operation by conducting a dedicated risk assessment for all 26 countries where the client is represented.

Building a structure

Once established the risk picture for all operational locations, Aeger Group developed a semi-interactive, global platform, hosting all essential structures, information, and specific processes.

The platform enables all employees a direct availability on all levels to access all the essential information in one location, allowing them to have a proactive approach towards their operational context and enabling them a fast and effective way to respond to any security-related challenges. Aeger group provided the client with an updated, relevant and specific solution in a client-based Global Security Management System, GSMS.

Taking ownership and implementing the GSMS

No structure, policy, or operational solution is worth anything without the client having ownership and buy-in to the concept.

Working in close cooperation with the client, Aeger was tasked with the assignment to support them through an extensive implementation phase involving all operational locations. By supporting the client as close as possible, Aeger helped the client build ownership and defined the specifications of their operational requirements in a role as their designated Global Security Coordinator.

Fredrik Rye-Ramberg has led this work from Aeger Group's side and has played on the collective knowledge that the company possesses.

The Client is a faith-based development organisation. They support and work with hundreds of local partner organisations in some twenty countries. Together with their partner organisations, they form a global network that works to ensure that more people are able to live dignified lives.