5-day Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

The 5-day HEAT is conducted according to and surpasses the standards set by ENTRi (European New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management). This intensive training focuses on travel and operations in medium and high-risk areas in a rapidly changing world facing increasing uncertainty concerning our safety and security.

We aim to provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills to conduct thorough travel preparation and build suitable awareness and the skills needed to counter unforeseen contingencies.

Our HEAT training combines theory with high-stress and realistic simulation training. We aim to allocate limited time in the classroom to provide the necessary theoretical basics. Most of the training material is based on intensive scenarios to drive active participation from you as a participant to assess a given situation and decide which actions to take or not to take.

Aeger Group instructors are highly professional and have years of experience working in high-risk environments worldwide.

During the training, we will transfer workable methods, techniques, and tools to you, facilitating travelling and working in medium- and high-risk areas. We focus on preparation and personal behaviour to prevent and mitigate threatening situations - focusing on a proactive approach to allow you to safeguard and ensure your safety.

The training content consists of the following:

- Travel planning
- Situational awareness
- Transportation
- Hotel Awareness
- Stress-management
- Cyber Awareness
- Gender-based violence and harassment
- Crime Awareness
- First aid in risk-exposed areas
- Kidnapping and unlawful arrest
- Scenario training
- Comprehensive conflict management

Curious about a specific training? Contact us at courses@aeger.no for further information. You can use this link to register for one of our training sessions. Follow the instructions in the form you will access and send this to us for registration.

Er du interessert i melde deg på kurs? Kontakt oss på kurs@aeger.no

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