Crisis and emergency management

We assist organizations in preparing for, respond to, and recover from disrupting incidences in diverse settings while concentrating on safeguarding people, the organizational standing and operating resources in a conforming and value enriching fashion.


  • We are accustomed to designing and implementing crisis and emergency management systems that allow organizations manoeuvrability, suppleness, and firm responses to contingencies.
  • Training in emergency management methods forms the core of our risk-averse philosophy. We enthusiastically pursue deterrence of contingencies, how to act in response to incidences and critically, how to recuperate from events.
  • Appraisal of current crisis and emergency management structures, aligned with international best practices and ISO standards, presents our clients with added value, legal and legislative compliance and measures the level of resilience extant and what should be done to attain satisfactory resilience echelons.
  • Determining of risks.
  • We believe in operationalizing crisis and emergency systems through healthy exercise regimes and delivering specialist support to our clients. Continuous improvement is vital to us.
  • Through the design, implementation, and practising of crisis and emergency systems, our focus is to entrench resilience within organizations. We believe that culture is at the core of strong, responsive and durable organizations and, as such, assist Aeger Group our clients to embed and nurture cultures that create climates for resilience growth.

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