Security management

Aeger Group recognizes that, in today’s complex environment innovation and flexibility serves as strategic drivers. Within this context we believe that delivering bespoke environment specific solutions delivers a competitive advantage to our clients.

We believe in harnessing synergies between strategic, operational and behavioural security disciplines when designing security management systems, frameworks, assuring the quality of these systems and fundamentally, operationalizing systems through the embedding and nurturing of security cultures.  

Continuous support, training, auditing and the design of control measures not only ensures compliance and cultural development but develops a resilient organization that can confidently grow within its environment.

Our range of services

  • Entrenched security management professionals within your organization, accustomed to operating in complex high functioning environments to assume overall accountability of your security directives.
  • Design and implementation of bespoke security management systems and frameworks that reflects our client’s environments and responds to their needs.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of security mitigation control measures that builds resilience and instils a climate for development.
  • Assuring system quality through our in-depth knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 31000 and ISO 22301 standards.
  • Embedding and nurturing security cultures that enables organizations to enlarge their capacity whilst remaining conscious of their environment.
  • Security management training, support and guidance throughout the life cycle of projects and our relationship with our clients.
  • Security audits that assesses the organizational position in regard to internationally accepted best practices and standards focussed on conformity and increasing value.

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